Voice Of Girls @ Rubaroo

As a student of IAAN School of Mass Communication, I delivered a piece of my heart about the Gudiya & Nirbhaya incident at IAAN’s Fest, Rubaroo 2013 as part of a Voice of A Girl. Here, subtitling the speech:

I am going to take a span of your valuable time and your kind attention towards the Voice of a Girl!

I am a girl. Depending on the family I take birth in, I am considered Goddess Lakshmi or Saraswati, Papa’s princess, Mama’s Fairy or my brothers or sisters’ angel… or a Burden, a Liability, or a Stigma! But, at least I am fortunate, I have happened to take a birth, unlike the fetuses lying in the municipality dustbin or a drainage.


Yes, I am a Girl! With aspirations to fly as high as it can be.. and my parents and teachers know that too… then why do they hesitate to expect much from me? Why am I scolded more than my brother, when I come home late? Why do I have to be accompanied all the time? Why am I not usually allowed to go to the same places my brothers do? Is that because I am a girl?

I am a Girl! My smile is believed to have spread happiness, my presence surrounds positivity! I am being loved by my parents, pampered by my relatives and adored by my friends. I am even treated as a Messenger of God in my culture. I have been taught that at different phases of my life, I will be respected for my ability to face challenges, to overcome it rather – being a lovable daughter, cute sister, responsible corporate, beautiful wife, multi-tasking mother and a story-telling grandmother. Then, why I am usually advised to look down when I walk, to talk less in open to avoid the unwanted comments I can get too, as a by-product.

Why do my parents get frightened, when I don’t respond to their calls even once.They keep securing me from the evil eyes around me. I feel them too! They make me watch news when I am listening to music; expect me to take lessons from Emotional Atyaachaar (UTV Bindaas), Gumraah (MTV) etc.

My heart shivers to the core feeling the pain of the victims, or the ashamed brutality: the injuries leaving scars, not only on the body but on their souls too. Not to forget, the consequences of their life, mentally & socially.People hate to know what happened to her, but the victim themselves would want to have been murdered. Right? As, every sight on her would refresh her memories and deepens the injury.

I doubt if there is any female present here who have not experienced abuse at any stage of their lives: irrespective of age, culture, place, look etc. All the instances happened around clearly shows the irrelevance to these. Or if that is considered to be the result of the past life’s wrong deeds.. like seriously?? Did they really deserve this?

I am not holding any men solely accused here. But before you categorise yourself to be complete innocent, FYI, staring a girl with wrong intentions, passing comments about her vitals – is an abuse too… dating a girl for a sexual pleasure is a rape too!!! I am sure the guys would now accuse me of being one-sided. SO for Girls, Have you EVER Noticed Yourself? You are an amazingly gorgeous creation of the Almighty. Don’t embarrass Him by letting someone take you for granted. Have faith in yourself, Have Faith in Him. If he has created you, he has also send someone deserving for your Destiny, for delicacy!

We are versatile, not by talent, but by nature. The Voice of a Girl pleases: Respect Me…

For all the youth out there, do not get violent in the protests around. Do not Violate our legal system. Use your mind, your education and the Pen you have, to act upon. If even 1% of the mentality changes among the people present in the house, my purpose of taking your time would be served! Cheers! 🙂


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