Does Saffron Terror Really Exists?

Saffron terror may perhaps be a hyped concept because not every Hindu hates the other religion, like every terrorist does not represent the community he/she belongs to. However, the rapidly increasing communal discomfort and the hateful atmosphere cannot be glossed over: we cannot overturn from the angst being gradually infiltrated against the minority communities, especially Muslims. #GharWapsi, #Beefban etc. are justified on morals that reflects more of a retaliation of few massacres that had happened in the past, overlooking that there had been similar number of them happened to the minorities too (Malegaon, Samjhauta etc.). Sadly, on condemning such killing or stating that violence is wrong, or that no religion preaches to hate, one gets trolled, abuses, taunts of why not the minorities have migrated to Pakistan in ’47 or the noble advice to leave the country now. No one bothers to look back at history, when these Muslims agreed to be Indian, because they were promised the equality and security, which has somewhere failed to be the reality today. On questioning the governance and its’ role in safeguarding the secularism, Bhakts would suggest to go to North Korea. Blind faith on the government is the new definition of Nationalism.

Few insights that is strangely getting neglected:

  • Former Home Secy G K Pillai, also an investigator in the Samjhauta Express blast case, had stated Aseemanand (Abhinav Bharat) as an accused in the Ajmer Dargah blasts case.
  • A report by an independent fact finding mission on the Gujarat Carnage 2002 published at Outlook (April 11, 2002) mentioned about the biasness in recruitment and promotion to Sangh, VHP or similar group members or followers in the Gujarat government including police, home guard etc. It further mentioned about the ACP Barot, who was appointed for investigating the 2 Ahmedabad massacres, actually criticized the prior assumptions of involvement of the Hindu extremist group members like Babu Bajrangi (Bajrang Dal) with a long criminal record.
  • Rajasthan ATS: Ajmer Dargah blast main accused Sunil Joshi (also an alleged accused in Gujarat Best Bakery case and former RSS pracharak) had had secret meetings with BJP MP Yogi Aditya Nath at his residence a year ago the incident took place, and with RSS leader Indresh Kumar, Pragya Thakur (Malegaon blast accused) and Swami Aseemanand at Gujarat Samaj Guest House in Jaipur in 2005. In the row were accused conspirators: Devendra Gupta (allegedly linked to radical Hindu group Abhinav Bharat) and Lokesh Sharma (both associated with RSS) and others. Indresh & Aditya Nath’s telephone numbers were found in Joshi’s diary.
  • Atal Bihari at Goa or Amit Shah at UP (shown in Nakul Sawhney’s documentary Muzzafarnagar Abhi Baaki Hai) are few examples of how politicians deliver the hate speech, and infuse communal disharmony resulting to riots.

Organizations like RSS, Abhinav Bharat, VHP, Bajrang Dal etc are reported suspects of the various communally violent incidents, yet never sacked for the same, often due to lack of proofs or hidden encouragements. No wonder why they get away smoothly despite of their provocative speeches, which if not directly, sometimes indirectly contribute to vandalizing churches: Hissar (Haryana), Nadia (West Bengal), Agra (UP) and Delhi (2015); demolishing Gurudwaras: Delhi (2016) and so on.

Himanshu Trivedi, the judge who resigned from Ahmedabad court had mentioned the aftermath of riot scenario in Gujarat courts where often in judges’ tea-room, they used to discuss about ‘teaching Muslims a lesson’, calling them as ‘bad elements’ – that expected from a judiciary!!!! In fact, Trivedi has mentioned how riot cases in Gujarat were trialed by judges from the saffron side of political spectrum – either members of VHP, Bajrang Dal or their close associations. Hence, the clear demarcation between Aseemanand and Afzal Guru: both confessed their crime, yet their confessions are acknowledged differently: one worshipped as saint and the other condemned as terrorist: HYPOCRISY!

If looked into the state government versus the number of communal crimes reported, the results indicate towards the maligned hands of majority-elected parties and their fascism: yet it goes unquestioned!

  • With the change of the government, Col Purohit’s colleague has changed his statement against him & claimed that he was pressurized to say so. An ‘army-men’ was pressurized???????
  • Sadhvi Pragya was released on grounds that she lent her bike to someone on the day the blast took place. Blind-eyed to the fact that she won’t give her possession to a random unknown individual: however the associate is also an integral member of RSS like Sadhvi Pragya is.

Instead, eminent dignitaries possessing membership of religious groups itself indicates to their inclination towards the religion, be it an army man Col Purohit or the ministers of the country.

It’s appalling to see that what defines patriotism is only waving tricolor or singing Bharat Mata Ki Jai, which indeed gives the license to violate the legal conduct of the Constitution, as per these right winger extremists. These organizations have raised goons to police morality than empowering the police to curb the crime: ABVP vandalizes Don Bosco’s statue at Guwahati, Dadri lynching: all these are leading to religious polarization, and then few gets offended if someone highlights the intolerance. Just because such organizations continue to exist despite of their ill-effects, their followers get motivated and the hatred feeling prosper. It’s high time now that the ban-wagon should be on such extremists and their organizations, to set a stringent example. But no one would ask for it, until the citizens would be kept busy in such petty things to keep them away from the larger issues: secularism, economy, foreign relations etc. When it comes to Saffron Terror, it is not about the colour coding or the terminology, its about the prevailing adversity, that needs serious attention.

Look Up:

  1. for photo of Members of Bajrang Dal openly brandish weapons, but without any repercussions. [Photo Jammu News Agency]

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