Some Dramas never end, #Tamasha!

To live the passion is an illusion, that shatters with adolescence! Imtiaz perfectly draws the contrast of hyper-reality over reality in #Tamasha. Tara (Deepika Padukone) is the stimulus that invokes Ved‘s (Ranbir Kapoor) conscience: to live what he is, rather than what the society wants him to be.

The personality disorder of Ved in middle, might have looked like an exaggeration to add a comic element, but isn’t that a depiction of our continuously conflicting mind & soul, over what is right for ‘me’ Vs ‘us’?

It’s not at all impossible to be able to live the desire, however, on a choice of the desire or a social status with life luxuries! The people who have sacrificed their comfy beddings to cots and mats, to help out the needy, are good examples, who chose the former.

For the partners or peers, it is perhaps easy to walk out as soon as one realizes to be looking for ‘something else’. However, to be able to put up until the individual’s struggle is proved to be worth, is a task; and yields great results too. Patience, determination & efforts: the ball game revolves around these three!

Justified roles and screen share. The perfection before the Interval was suffocating until afterwards, the imperfect-but-real is played upon, and thus justifies the prominent difference too. A good watch, only if one can comprehend art and aesthetics, and has a deep thought process, otherwise don’t waste your time, watch some baseless fiction!

But, Dear Imtiaz,

Most of the Bollywood movies give a false hope of a utopian life. To few, this movie might do the same. I would have considered that too, had Ved never been the corporate honcho at all. The narration is a transition from chasing a ‘nowhere-never’ ending race, to living the desired life. But it is still a false hope. Why every time one needs ‘a somebody’ to seek support from, like a fairy tale angel dedicated only to serve the hero of the story. Where in reality do we find such individuals who after Calling off a relationship cares what would happen to the individual or feel guilty as forcibly chase to fix the damage caused to someone’s life. It’s False, It’s Fake! I would have still loved to see it as a piece of a fairy tale, where the fairy is in ‘self’.


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