Heading to Past?

India is applying for United Nations membership. Perhaps in the preparation, we have overlooked the atmosphere around, which can make anyone wonder! Look up:

  • Amidst the Vigilance Awareness Week, Delhi HC denies Delhi Govt.’s recommendation for a CAG audit on Electricity Boards.
  • For last few months, the top chart news only display cases of communal disharmony and hate speeches, blackening of face, and banning. Surprisingly, it did not raise concern to few elites’ mind as much as #AwardWapsi did. More atrocious is when the nobles who returned their prestigious awards are further questioned, why have not they returned them during the Scam era of Congress? Like seriously, is it this hard to figure out the difference between losing resources versus losing LIVES, that too of as innocents as the Dalit ‘kids’?
  • PM at MannKiBaat promotes Unity & Harmony important for growth, yet stays numb on the growing Violence. However, nobody is bothered when he himself is breaking the protocol of a PM to campaign for #BiharPolls.
  • And who has justified RSS to decide and discuss on the National Census and the percentage of Hindu Vs minorities?
  • Infact, it gets down to the extent of raiding a government residence, the ‘Kerala House’ to peek into their food plates. #BeefBan

And we feel proud on Forbes ranking up from 142 (2014) to 130 (2015), without realising that we were already 133 in 2009. While our days of independence, we’d overcome the worst of the challenges: Sati, Child marriage, untouchables etc. And now that perhaps we were to address issues like poverty, unemployment etc, we are back to deal with castes and religions.


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