A Healthy Living, Food, Shelter & Education are the Right of Every Human. If not Free, at least they should not be Commercialized!
  • What would I do with the increasing National Literacy Rate, when I have been Pitying the Worsening condition of the nearby Govt. Schools! They run on the same Set-up Proposed or Approved by our very own System. Yet, how many get into the Limited seats of our esteemed Universities? On top of it, some Dreams simply Die on Not Getting the desired Courses!
  • How would I be ‘Secular’, if I would be deprived of ‘Right to Education’ on the very Edge of ‘Reservations’!
  • What would I do of the smooth National Highways, if my area still has Narrow & Potholed Roads!
  • Why would I encourage the Inauguration of a new Hospital, when the existing ones’ condition are simply Pathetic!
  • What am I supposed to do with the new Govt. schemes, plans & proposals, when I know accessing the benefits would be next to impossible!

The Advertisers & the Jingle writers do not have to come out of their AC Cabins to peep into the rusty windows to know the status of their Work, nor do they have to stand in the long queues under the sun since early morning or amidst shivering chillness! For how long would an Empty Stomach Feed the National Hunger? I have started asking all the electoral candidates, who come to my door to seek Vote, “What  have they Planned for Me?”. Try asking the same, if you are Confused too, & figure out Whom to Vote this Elections!



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