Which Life Matters More? #Dadri

Beef ban had any ways discouraged my nativity, what added to it was NDTV’s ‘We The People’. More than a human murder, the entire debate kept switching to demand of a law to protect cows. The Samajwadi Party representative (Gaurav) justified the sending of meat for testing as a legal process, as if the test result of it being a beef or not, would have any influence on the murder!

Sartaj, the IAF engineer & the son of Akhlaq, became the hero by saying: “Saare Jahaan Se Achha, Hindustan hamara, Mazhab nhi sikhata aapas me Bair rakhna” (India is greater of all the countries, religion doesn’t teach mutual disharmony); yet could not set an example for the filthy politicians. Owaisi infact replied: it’s the thought of all Indian ‘Muslims”; another attempt of a possible divide! State government aiding the victims annoys Sangeet Som more than the mob breaking to an innocent family.

We live in a country where we are free to practice the religion we wish to, but our food menu would still be decided by few self-proclaimed religious entities.


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