Should there be reservation in any sector?

The sole purpose of implementing reservation was to uplift the backward communities. The responsibility of the society to uplift the backwards still remain, however, the situation has changed in the present scenario. Not that we do not have backward communities today, but more than caste or related categories, they are backward for their economical status. The reservation has definitely been helping most of them to grow, however, often at the stake of a worth candidate. An evil side of reservation is the ignorance of deserving individuals, who possess the quality to grow socially but are deprived of the basic needs to catalyse it. Having said that, I also admit that there are areas where backwardness is due to the origin.

Reservation has also been the reason for much indigenous dissatisfaction leading to migration to more developed countries. To make their lives better, in a way, many are contributing to the economy of the country they prefer to reside, where they are getting the desired opportunities.

Hence, all religion, caste, reservation should be removed, and being a female, I recommend even the gender reservations from all sectors should be removed. Instead of following a uniform reservation at all sectors and centres, there should be a SIT (special investigation team/ committee) recommended reservation that should also include reservation for the economically backward classes.


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