Can’t afford Baby, Don’t Have Sex!

There is no such right time to have sex. It depends on us, ONLY US! If one is sentimental to call it a special moment only with ‘the one’, Go ahead! Wait for it! True Love is worth the wait, after all. But, If one can calmly treat it as a mere excercise or a moment of pleasure, what’s wrong in that too? So flings rock! As long as two adults are wise enough to set the right expectations and pursue it safely. It cannot be forced upon by some family rituals, just because it is the time or age, or the grannies want to see the face of their heir! And definitely not under pressure of some mockery by few dumb-head individuals, who call themselves ‘the friends’!

The line of thought needs to extend beyond the sexual need of humans, to their aspirations in life. In a patriarch system, a girl can have both ambitions and sexual desires. Just to avoid a slip of the moment, or for missing some precautionary measure, dumping a responsibility on both, in name of marriage is not a solution. Rather, the termination is not a sin for those who realise themselves not fit enough to raise a new-being. Before getting into the debate of ‘ending a life’, a ‘new life’ rather, one must not overlook the life or lives already existing! As soon as the two individuals would step into the new set-up of alliance, forcefully or willingly – or both, the probability for them to devote to their ambitions would reduce. But that must not refrain them from accepting the mutual feeling too, if there is any. Why to underestimate the option of a committed relationship for them?

And why keep nagging another ambitious individual too, who has no inclination towards sex, as long as he/she is determined to his/her goal(s)? Just because he/she is aging and the reproductive organs or sensual parts should not rust-down? RUBBISH !!

And what great results can somone ensure following the parental, rather the ancestral norms? Either, kill individual aspirations and work like slaves to garner the new life, who, in turn would eventually kill their aspirations too, furthering the tradition. Or, not abort it but raise it, despite knowing the inconvenience of affording a quality life for it: education, healthcare etc., just to ensure the gates to heaven are still open. And introduce some struggle in the new-being’s life too!! What part of it defines the ‘freedom’ we should feel proud of, when one can’t yet take decisions wisely and individually, without the fear of being judged!

“Conception is easy; carrying a pregnancy, too, isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but raising a child the right way is something even the best of us may fail at!”

Spreading Love, Smile & Happiness
– Swati
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