Ban Beef: Are we being Secular?

I haven’t tasted beef yet. But I would not hesitate to taste it if the fragrance pulls me towards it. That’s how Id started eating buff and pork too. Which indeed was a BIG DEAL. As I am rhetorically a Hindu Brahmin raised in Bengali kayastha culture, and either of which doesn’t allow me to be tempted to anything else, other than fish, chicken, mutton, duck and tortoise, another irony! But I guess I can never taste beef now, if the government plans to ban it in the country as it has banned it in Maharashtra! Why! Ohh because that’s considered as God: remember the vehicle of Lord Shiva – Nandi. But then, why only Cow? Why not rats (vehicle of Lord Ganesha), peacock (Lord Kartikay)… and if I start listing the reincarnations and vehicles of millions of Gods & Godesses, I doubt if we would be left with any animal to eat, but only worship.

As beef is not allowed, going by the Hindu books, why not ban pork too: it’s consumption is not advised as per the Muslim books too. Removing ‘Secular’ from the Preamble doesn’t make India a ‘Hindu’ country, after all. The much India belongs to me, it belongs to my fellow citizens of other communities too.

What happens to the government, when cows roam around on the roads eating shit and paper, where do the safeguards go when bulls are being pulled with a rope passing through their nostrils, when dogs roam around, get infected and die under vehicles on roads; when horses’ toes are pricked with nails; when the peeping bones tell the story of the animals not adequately fed at the stables?

The only logic that can support this ban is if it is intended to ‘save an animal’. But why only one animal, ban every kind of meat then. They all hav life. Let’s go vegan! And why only vegan, even plants have lives, why to be biased for the faceless community?

And the ones taking pride in subscribing to the beef-ban idea, watch it if you do not belong to upper caste or class. ’cause if they once succeed in creating the religion-divide, the next can be class or caste bracketing. Aah.. we are going back in time!!!! Btw, they banned egg in mid-day meal too! For God sake, SPARE KIDS’ DIET puuhhlleeezzzz!!

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